We bought the truck!

German started his car everyday with hope and a prayer. We are elated to share the Toyota Tacoma is purchased and on its way to Guatemala soon!

Imagine driving this jalopy to your physical labor job every day, putting along unpaved roads and unsteady terrain. You don’t have AC, the gas gauge doesn’t work, and every morning you have to pray it even starts. But you don’t complain; it still runs. Your wages aren’t enough to save AND provide for your family, and loans aren’t an option.

This is the current vehicle that belongs to German, the gentleman responsible for feeding our sponsor families throughout Xenacoj. This is why we need to get this Tacoma to Guatemala. This Monday, think about your commute, your desk job, your grocery bill, and reflect on all the blessings you have, all beginning with a working, reliable vehicle.

Having this truck will not only create a revenue source for German, increase quality of life amongst the community of Xenacoj, but also help the Four Letter Word Guatemala base bring food and supplies to orphans and widows in need. Please be part of this journey with us and DONATE NOW to ensure we can pick it up when it arrives in Guatemala!

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