Our 2018 Goals!

Four Letter Word’s 2018 Goals

1. Fully fund our Guatemalan Ambassador, German

German works to provide for his family while doing full-time ministry in his city, Xenacoj. German needs $300 per week to free up his time to focus on full time ministry. This total includes all expenses covered for his family, as well as operations for the ministry. German’s time is very valuable and the more he has to influence widows and orphans, the bigger impact we can make in Guatemala.

How can you help? We are in need of monthly donations, whether that is $5, $20, or $50 your contribution will make a significant difference in the lives of our ambassador, his family, and the widows and orphans he serves in Xenacoj.  You can donate monthly or one-time to contribute to the wonderful things we are doing in Guatemala.

Where does the funding go? Great question!  –It goes directly to German through a giving fund we have set up with Western Union. The money you donate assists with housing, utilities, food and transportation costs for his family and the ministry.

2. Deploy mission trips to Xenacoj

Hosting mission trips not only generates revenue for the ministry, but is also crucial in getting large projects done. German is only one person and needs critical help in tackling longer term projects, such as large events or builds. We currently have room for 12 missionaries per trip we are currently accepting short-term and long-term applications. Our goal is to bring sustainable development to rural Guatemalan communities —connecting with rural villages in Guatemala, partnering together, building relationships, and developing life-changing infrastructure.

Are you interested in going to Guatemala? You can get more information, sign up for one of our mission trips or schedule your own trip by emailing us at

3. Ordain German in Guatemala

German is a man after God’s heart and we are committed to serving him. We have partnered up with Pastor Robert Guzman from Hope Revolution Church to mentor German, and help him obtain ordination as a pastor in Guatemala.

Why is this important? German has had the dream and vision of becoming a pastor for many years. While it seems easy to pursue, it is not currently feasible for German to attend school while also working to provide for his family. German has 5 children, a wife, and a homestead to be financially responsible for. In addition, he is responsible for caring for local orphans and widows in his free time. Pastors in Guatemala are highly sought after professionally, and are held in high regard among their community. This process can be expedited once we get him fully funded as he will be able to focus fully on his pastoral training. Freeing his time will allow him to provide a transformation in the minds and hearts of the community of Xenacoj as a spiritual leader.

This process can be expedited once we get him fully funded as he will be able to focus fully on his pastoral training.

At Four Letter Word we are committed to sustainability. We do not want the people we serve to become fully dependent on our efforts. We help them commit to accountability by teaching them to provide us with reports, budgets, and progress updates. Our goal is to assist them in becoming fully self-sufficient by implementing education within every act of kindness we complete.

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