• Volcán de Fuego Eruption Relief

      Guatemala’s Fuego volcano erupted on Sunday, June 3 and again on Tuesday, June 5. With more fatalities than any other previously recorded eruptions. Evacuations are still taking place. Our team in Xenacoj Guatemala was only affected by falling ash. But the close neighboring cities are tragically affected. We are in the process of putting a relief effort plan with the Mayor in hopes of helping the neighboring cities and fellow Guatemalans. We are hoping to house some widows and orphans from the neighboring cities in our mission house. Clean drinking water is scarce and Guatemalans have been advised to drink bottled water -these costs can add up. Please help in anyway you can and we will update you shortly.
      $410.00 donated
    • Help Fund Our Guatemala Ambassador

      Help cover the monthly expenses German incurs while being in full-time ministry with Four Letter Word. German and his family are devoted to helping widows and orphans in Xenacoj and its neighboring cities.
      $300.00 donated of $5,500.00 goal
    • Saturday Widow and Orphan Fellowship

      Saturday Fellowships allow widows and orphans to seek help and council with their troubles, and helps feed them for the day. Many of these women and children walk a great distance for help, and your donation will allow them to seek solace, peace and love. These events are held weekly at the German’s family home and Four Letter Word mission house.
      $0.00 donated of $5,200.00 goal
    • Feed a Widow or Orphan for 1 Month

      Just $10 per month feeds 1 widow or orphan. Your donation secures food and well-being that would otherwise be unavailable to these indigenous people. Funds are sent to our ambassador in Xenacoj, Guatemala, who then helps coordinate the cooking and distribution of food to widows, orphans and school children. There are 620 widows and orphans who currently thrive from these donations.
      $150.00 donated of $6,000.00 goal
    • Our Greatest Needs

      We welcome and especially appreciate gifts of whatever size towards our greatest current needs. Not only does this provide a much more secure footing for us to plan ahead, it enables us to respond swiftly and flexibly to changing circumstances. Your donations, combined with those of others, make a significant and immediate impact upon the quality of the people we serve.
      $0.00 donated